My Journey to the Stage Part 2: I did it!

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In 2014, after much observation and research into competing, and inspiration from a close friend who competed in her first show, I decided to commit again to preparing for a fitness competition. If you haven’t read about my first attempt at preparing for a competition, check out My Journey to the Stage Part 1. I felt like I had found an enjoyable, balanced and healthy approach to getting lean. I decided to be my own coach and to try have a relaxed approach, viewing this experience

Wellness Warriors and Gym Junkies

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zoedaly beach yoga

I have observed there are generally two different lifestyle groups amongst females at the moment. There are ‘Wellness Warriors’ and there are ‘Gym Junkies’. I understand that I am stereotyping a bit. Most people are more along a spectrum of these two extremes, but there are definitely some at either end.