My Take on Fruit Juice

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I only have fruit juice if it is 100% fruit juice with nothing else added to it, like sweeteners or preservatives. Obviously these things aren’t good for your health!

However, I very rarely have even 100% fruit juice because it is high in sugar and calories and has less fibre and nutrients with it than a whole piece of fruit. Most fruit juices have the

My 3 Favourite Chocolate Cake Recipes

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I love chocolate! It’s definitely my favourite sweet food, so I’ve tried a lot of different chocolate cake recipes!  Here are my favourite three. Enjoy!

  1. Mr I’s “Far Too Easy” Chocolate Cake.

What I like about it? It tastes amazing and is so easy! I can’t imagine how it could be any easier or quicker to make a cake from scratch. I always serve it without icing, but with cashew cream (see the link on the recipe page).



Mexican Burrito Bowl

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This recipe ticks all the boxes. Healthy. Easy. Quick. Tasty. Plus, it’s adaptable to suit everyone you’re serving it up to. You can just prepare all the ingredients and then let everyone fill their own bowl with exactly what they want and how much they want of it. The Mexican Burrito Bowl was an awesome meal when I

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