The Healthy highlights of New York

I thought it was about time I did another travel post! I have previously written about the healthy things to do when on holidays in Whistler, Honolulu, Nice and Port Douglas. I like to focus on writing about just the ‘healthy highlights’ of each place I go to, but this isn’t because I don’t try out unhealthy foods or do anything non-health and fitness related when travelling. As my regular readers know, I am a big fan of balance and see health as holistic. I do like to keep up my healthy routines somewhat on holidays though, because it enables me to look and feel my best, and I genuinely enjoy physical activity and many other healthy habits. So, rather than writing just another travel blog post, I present to you the healthy highlights of New York City!

I have to admit I didn’t love everything about New York City. I am more of an ‘outdoorsy’ girl who gets a lot more excited and in awe of places with magnificent mountains or palm tree lined beaches, however, New York is such a well-known place that it is fun to check out for yourself, no matter how much of a ‘non-city’ gal you may be! I visited in June, which is Summer. It was very cold, rainy and overcast for the eight days I spent there.  Apparently that was quite bad luck though as usually by June you get nice, warm, sunny weather. Here are the three healthy things I found to do in New York City:

1) Go for a walk, jog or cycle in Central Park. The Park is amazing with so many different attractions in it. It is also the most filmed location in the world so look out for scenes from your favourite movie! I loved seeing the path known as ‘The Mall’ where Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway jogged in Bridewars. I also loved seeing the fountain and other locations that Amy Roberts pranced through singing ‘That’s How You Know’ in Enchanted.

Central Park

Sitting by ‘The Pond’, a peaceful break from the world’s busiest city.

2) Eat from the abundant juice bars and cafes. Almost every street seems to have somewhere you can buy fresh salads, juices, smoothies and soups from. The health food revolution definitely seems to have hit New York! I enjoyed lots of salads and soups from ‘Cafe Aroma’, especially the one in Times Square. I also had a great acai bowl and gluten-free acai pop tart from ‘Juice Generation’ on 42nd Street.

Healthy food in New York

The first pop tart I have ever had! It was delicious.

3) Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. This is an incredibly popular thing to do so like most tourist attractions in New York be prepared for swarms of people. I’m glad I decided to walk the bridge rather than ride it, as there were always people walking in the cycle lane so it would have been rather frustrating for the cyclists!

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

I would love to know what other healthy activities there are to do in New York City. It is such a big, busy city I’m sure in my 8 days there I only scratched the surface of all the things you can do. Please let me know if you know of any others in the comments below!

Holly x