Hi Guys!

I thought I would share my current daily routine with you all. I’m a huge organisational lover. I have lists, systems, charts, planners and rosters for everything in my life. It’s very important to me so I can get everything I want to do in my life fitted in. ‘Create a life you love’ is one of my favourite sayings. I believe you can design the ideal life for you, if you just do a bit of planning ahead.

Having a daily routine I can follow is also invaluable to me  as I am one to quite easily become frazzled, overwhelmed and stressed. Being organised definitly helps me maintain a healthier headspace. Before I show you my routine I wanted to share another reason I like to have a plan to my day. As a christian I believe it is a biblical idea to strive for order, rather than chaos in your home and life. 1 Corinthians 14:40 says, ‘But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way’. Another similar scripture is 1 Corinthians 14:33, ‘ For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace. So here is my current daily routine as a stay-at-home, fitness-loving Mum to an almost-one-year-old!

My Daily Routine

Get dressed, drink 500ml water (with ACV or a squeeze of lemon) and prepare breakfast.

Wake and breastfeed Summer.
Eat breakfast,  take supplements and  do the breakfast clean-up.

Brush my teeth, do my hair and makeup (Summer’s 15 minute playpen time)

Gym 2x a week, or:
playtime at home

9:50 / Summer’s Nap #1
·    Unpack dishwasher
·    Weekly chores e.g coles online food order, laundry
·    Phone reminder chores (I set reminders for things not done super regularly so I don’t forget to do them e.g cleaning the washing machine filter, washing the doona cover, paying off the credit cards)
·    Monthly gardening jobs
·    To do list (whenever things ‘pop-up’ I jot them down on a notepad to keep my head from feeling cluttered).

11:30 / Summer’s Wake time
Get out the house!
e.g Mums & Bubs group, rhyme time at the library, park outing, lunch at a café, go to my Mum’s.

2:00 / Summer’s Nap #2
Me time!
e.g work on my blog, read a book, watch TV

3:00 / Summer’s Wake time
Look after Summer.
Use ‘Baby Sparks’ app and ‘Wonder Weeks’ book if needing ideas of things to do.

5:00 – 6:00
Cook and eat dinner

Summer’s bedtime routine – bath, story, breastfeed, bed

Emails or spend time with hubby
Plan next day’s meals

Wind down:
Dishwasher on, shower and read in bed

Bed time

There it is guys! That’s what a day in the life of Holly and Summer looks like :)

A few additional details about my routine:

  • Workouts – as you can see twice a week in the morning I take Summer with me to the gym creche and do a weights workout. Plus one day a week my husband comes home from work early and I go to a Body Attack class. I also try do two 45 minutes walks during the week, often one is on a weekend because I find it is a great thing to do when catching up with a friend (also followed by coffee of course!)
  • Playpen time – I’m so glad I started getting Summer used to the idea of ‘playpen time’ since she was able to crawl. Every morning after I have cleaned up from breakfast I put her in her playpen and set the timer for 15 minutes. I have 4 toys and 2 books in there and change them every few days. It’s so good for me to have time to get myself ready for the day without trying to entertain Summer at the same time. I think it’s really good for Summer to have some independent play time and the opportunity to develop self-control and focusing skills. She is forced to have more ‘in-depth’ play time with her toys rather than just picking up a toy for a few seconds then throwing it down and racing off to check out the next thing which has caught her attention.
  • How I combat loneliness – I find it really important to get out the house at least once a day. Otherwise I can feel a bit lonely and stir-crazy. I’ve also found I can’t schedule in more than three outings a day or a feel a bit frazzled and rushed. With a baby you can’t just head out and do everything at once. You have to keep coming home for nap times!
  • Next day meal planning – In the evenings I try to plan out the next day’s meals. This is often as simple as moving the meat needed for dinner from the freezer to the fridge so it can defrost. However currently I am working towards lowering my body fat so I am tracking everything I eat in my fitness pal. At night I plan out the next days meals in my app. This really helps me not to feel burdened by having to do this the next day.

Holly x