Here is a list of all the websites, social media accounts, books and podcasts I like to follow. These help me to be educated, motivated and inspired to live a fit, happy and healthy life.

This is my favourite website for delicious AND healthy recipes. If I could have cooking lessons from anyone, it would be Teresa Cutter.
Great information and great recipes. An awesome site. My favourite of her recipes is the Raw Tahini and Coconut Protein Bites.
The Merry Maker Sisters are two sisters who create paleo recipes. I love all their recipes, they are absolutely delicious and nutrient-packed.
An amazing exercise library resource. If you’re trying one of my free workouts and you don’t know how to do one of the exercises, look it up here.
Bret is a strength and conditioning coach best known in the fitness industry as ‘The Glute Guy’. His website is a great resource for fitness information. He writes in an easy to understand way, about lots of practical resistance training topics.
I love her holistic, gentle health approach and nutrition philosophy.
Oh my gosh. I love this lady! She is a smart cookie and has some very interesting things to say about health and wellbeing.
A christian mothering blog with great practical devotions by Leslie Ludy.


















Ashy Bines

Sophie Guidolin

Revie Jane

Just Another Mummy Blog

Alice Round


Strong Curves by Bret Contreras & Kellie Davis

Mothering from Scratch by Melinda Means & Kathy Helgemo

Set-apart motherhood by Leslie Ludy

Well Adjusted Babies by Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani

Switch on Your Brain by Dr Caroline Leaf

Women’s Wellness Wisdom by Dr Libby Weaver


Physique Science Radio

100 Not Out

Wellness Women Radio

Inside the Champion’s Mind

Ben Greenfield Fitness

The Wellness Guys


I covered these in a separate blog post. Click here to read.

I hope I may have helped you discover a few new inspiring people to follow and things to read!

Let me know if you have any favourites not on my list that I might enjoy.

Holly x