Week 2 Diary Entry

Training – I have really pushed myself hard in my three training sessions this week. I have squished all the exercises which are supposed to be completed over 4 workouts in to 3 long workouts. I do find this very tiring. By the end I am mentally and physically exhausted. My intensity for the last few exercises is probably not as high as if they had been done on a seperate day but unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of enough time for 4 workouts a week so I have to accept that 3 workouts a week is the best I can do at the moment.

Nutrition – My diet this week was a shocker! I have been very sleep deprived and that has definitely influenced my will-power and self control. When feeling exhausted I crave sugary and fatty foods and don’t have the self-control to resist them even when I know it will make me go over my calories for the day. Due to being exhausted and very busy I didn’t manage to track my food intake for more than 2 or 3 days last week and the results show it as you’ll soon see.

Results – My weight went up by 700g which is not surprising considering I over-ate a lot! I was also extremely sore with DOMS on my weigh-in day which can mean you’re holding a bit of extra fluid from all the muscle damage. My girth measurements however stayed the same or went down which is really great. This shows that I’m changing my body composition for the better. Muscle weighs more than fat so when you tone up you get smaller but may weigh the same.

Next week – I am feeling very motivated to get back on track with my diet this week. I am not going to increase my calories this week so I can make up for the damage done with all my over-eating last week. Hopefully next week my weight will be the same or less and then I’ll start to reverse diet again which will mean increasing my calories by another 50. I feel like I’m in to a really nice routine with my workouts so I’m not worried about them. I feel like I have experimented and found a good way of slotting them into my routine so they will happen automatically each week. The times I have found that work for me to train are: Monday 6am – My hubby kindly gives Tess a bottle the night before so that I get a full nights sleep otherwise I would not be getting up at 6am!)
Friday 11am – I don’t have any kids activities or work on this morning so it works well to take my girls along to the gym creche.
Saturday 2pm – I go during my children’s nap time since hubby is home. I really enjoy this workout because I have no time I have to have finished my workout by. If there are any exercises I ran out of time for from my earlier workouts I will get them done now.

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My Fitness Pal Food Diary For Next Week


Now I’m going to cut up my bulk carrot and cucumber sticks for the week and then have a relaxing bath (with heaps of Epsom salts for my sore muscles!) before getting to bed nice and early so I can wake up raring to go for my workout tomorrow.
Have a healthy and productive week!

Holly x