Week 3 Diary Entry

Training – Once again I pushed myself hard during my three weight training sessions. Despite my weights already being quite heavy from the week before I still managed to increase a lot of them this week which I’m really proud of. I’m certainly super sweaty by the end of my workouts. People who say weight training doesn’t feel hard are not doing it right!

Nutrition – I was way better with my diet this week yay! I think the two things that helped were firstly filling up on raw vegetables throughout the day so I’m too full to crave any high calorie treats. Secondly I prioritised going to bed really early at night which helped balance out my hunger hormones the next day (because I’m still getting up once during the night to feed my baby this is essential). I was compliant with my calorie and macro targets as much as I could be. I do find it hard when doing social things such as having morning tea at playgroup or dinner at my parents house because I can’t weigh or measure the food so don’t know exactly how much I’m eating. I also tend to over eat because I’m distracted and having a good time. So this week I will work on being as compliant as possible with my tracking even when eating in social situations. 8 weeks to go until my photo shoot so I’ve gotta keep my eye on the prize!

Results – My weight and down by 100g which I’m really pleased about. My measurements were about the same too. I understand you can’t expect big changes every week especially when you haven’t got a lot of weight to lose. As I’ve said before my goal is to change my body composition not my weight. So I need to focus on reverse dieting and getting stronger in my weights workouts. When looking at my progress photos I think I’m getting leaner everywhere except my stomach. It is so soft and squishy compared to at this exact same point post-partum with baby #1. I’m not sure why exactly. Maybe because baby #2 was so much bigger and gave me stretch marks this time I also have looser skin which will to emote time to tighten up.

Next Week – I’ll increase my calories by 50 and aim for my weight to stay the same. I’ll be doing 4 sets rather than 3 sets for all my exercises which will be my way of applying progressive overload this week rather than necessarily increasing my weights, unless anything feels too easy.

Progress Measurements & Photos

My Fitness Pal Food Diary For Next Week

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Holly x