Week 6 Diary Entry

This week I was unfortunately sick as well as extremely sleep deprived thanks to both my children being sick. I was only able to do one training session which was really disappointing. Next week I will do to make up for it.

Progress Measurements & Photos

No photos this week – I didn’t think there was any point because I hadn’t barely trained so my physique wouldn’t have changed at all.

My Fitness Pal Food Diary For Next Week

I am having this week off tracking and am just trying to eat 2400 calories and hit my daily protein target by eating intuitively. It is school holidays so I am feeling pretty relaxed and out of routine so just don’t feel like tracking.

Instead of showing you my food diary I thought I would show you my meal plan. I try do this every Sunday and then order the food so it arrives Monday all ready for the new week.

I am so excited to grow some muscle this week and really challenge myself in my four training sessions. Time to create some shape! Have a good week,

Holly xx