Week 7 & 8 Diary Entry

So the last 2 weeks for me have been very out of routine. It has been the school holidays so we have had my husband home with us which has been fabulous. However I’ve found it very hard to track my food since I’ve been so out of routine.

Week 7 I got in four awesome training sessions which I’m really proud of. I was very sore and had a lot of fluid retention which was reflected in a big weight gain in that week’s weigh-in.

Then in week 8 we went away for a holiday to Mandurah and had the best time. However I only got one training session in.

One thing that has also been affecting my focus and commitment to my goal is that I am suspecting I may have a hernia. Ever since giving birth to Tess I have had a little lump near my belly button. You can see it if you look closely at all my progress photos. I just thought it would go away but then I googled it and it sounds like a classic hernia from pushing out a baby! I hope I’m wrong, I’m going to get to the doctor as soon as I can (which is incredibly hard with two young children – I had to cancel my appointment this morning!)

At this stage I’m hoping to continue with my 12 week challenge and photo shoot on the 9th November. I’ve just had to accept if I do have a hernia I’ll have to stop training abs and I’ll have to be happy with being in the best shape possible for my current circumstances rather than in pre-baby shape like I was originally aiming for.

I’m super motivated with my weight training because I can really see the muscle gain particularly in my shoulders and arms. I’ll be aiming to do 3-4 workouts a week for the next 4 weeks.

Tracking food intake is hard work. To make it as easy as possible I’m trying to come up with meals which I am happy to repeat for many days in a row so I can just quickly copy them over each day in My Fitness Pal.

Progress Measurements

Have a great week everyone!

Holly xx