It is extremely long over due but here is my wrap up post for my 12 week challenge. Firstly why did I stop writing a weekly check-in post after week 8? I had some technical issues with my blog and was also extremely time poor and exhausted so was not able to find any time or energy to fix them. So I apologise if you were following along with the series. Here are the results of following my own program Lean & Well.

These photos show the changes from week 1 compared to week 12. I am thrilled with the results. I achieved everything I hoped I would. I toned up, built some muscle and shape and increased my body confidence. I have never had so many challenges when doing a fitness challenge before. Having two young children is certainly the hardest season of life I have ever been through.

There were so many times I wanted to give up and doubted myself. I compared myself to how I looked at the same time post-partum from baby #1 and sometimes felt so discouraged that I was in much worse shape. My stomach area especially really bothered me and I had no idea if it could improve much or was too stretched and had too much loose skin from having a much bigger baby this second time around. What I told myself was that there was only one way to find out. If I stuck to my commitment of doing Lean & Well I would know I had done everything possible to get back to the best version of me and then would just have to learn to be happy with the result.

Here are some photos of the photo shoot I did with my friend. It was good to choose a goal which was a bit scary because it provided me with plenty of motivation.

Motivation breeds motivation. I am now aiming to maintain my body weight but tone up and get stronger. I am writing my own programs which consist of 3 45 minute full body workouts each week. Just like in Lean & Well I do the same workouts for 4 weeks and then mix it up with new workouts.

Thanks for following along on my series. If you have any questions or feedback I would love to hear from you!

Holly xx