Frequently Asked Questions about Lean & Well

How many pages is the program?
Just over 300! It is incredible value.

Do the workouts suit beginners?
Yes! The first phase of the training program is very straightforward, perfect for people new to weight training or who have had some time off. Phase 2 and 3 of the program do have some more advanced training techniques like HIIT training, drop sets, super sets and more advanced exercises, however I explain all these things VERY clearly.

How long do the workouts go for?
They all take less than 45 minutes.

Is it suitable for vegetarians?
A: Obviously the workouts and wellness information is. There are no meal plans for vegetarians, but based on the knowledge you gain from the nutrition guidelines you can easily achieve results by substituting any recipes which contain meat for vegetarian recipes you love.

I prefer to follow printed programs. Can I print the digital downloads?
Yes absolutely! You can print it at home if you have a colour printer, or take it on a USB to your local printer to print and bind it. I recommend you bind the three books Eat Well, Move Well and Live Well separately rather than putting them all together as one massive book. It is nice to be able to leave Eat Well in your kitchen for cooking and meal planning, Move Well in your gym bag for workouts and Live Well by your favourite reading spot.