My Pregnancy #2: My Birth Story

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Tess has just turned one month old and I can honestly say I have been thoroughly loving the newborn stage. I am so relaxed, calm and confident this second time round! I’m beyond grateful to have had a second incredibly positive birth experience. Here is the story of how Tess came into the world.

One of my last ‘bumpies’. Taken 10 days before Tess was born.

Monday 22nd October

I was in crazy nesting mode this morning, cleaning the top of the fridge for the first time ever and feeling extremely agitated with

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Third Trimester Week-by-Week Pregnancy Checklist

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In the third trimester it feels like there is suddenly so much to do! Finally the arrival of your baby is almost here. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and a bit stressed so I created this checklist during my first pregnancy to evenly distribute all the tasks I wanted to get done before baby’s arrived. I then added a few more things to this checklist for my second pregnancy because I realised how much I would appreciate being super prepared for when entering the ‘newborn phase’ again. This to-do-list is a mixture of practical, fun, health and

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My Pregnancy #1: My Birth Story

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Summer Rose Brownlie 9 days new. Photo by Barebright Photography. Summer Rose Brownlie 9 days new. Photo by Barebright Photography.

Well, my little girl is now two months old so I thought it would be a nice time to reflect on my birth experience and write it down so I can look  back on it in the future. I personally love reading people’s birth stories, so I hope some of you do, too! If not, feel free to skip this post as it’s a small deviation from my usual focus on wellbeing

Positive Birth Mantras

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36 weeks pregnant here 36 weeks pregnant here

Hi everyone!

It’s less than three weeks until my due date! Eek very exciting times! I can’t wait to hold my baby. I can’t wait to dress my baby in all the cute tiny clothes I have for it! I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. I can’t wait to go for walks with the pram. And I can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore. But first, I have to get through labour. After reading extensively about all the