Female Full Body Weight Training Program

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This is a program for females aiming to get strong and toned in a short amount of time. It is a basic weight training program consisting of three 45 minute workouts a week. You should do this program for approximately four weeks aiming to apply the principle of progressive overload. This means each week when you do the workouts aim to do a little more than the week before e.g. increase your weights, or do an extra rep. This is the program I made up for myself to do over the last few weeks. I am currently four month

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Glute Hypertrophy Workout

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Glute Hypertrophy Workout


Here’s one of my latest workouts, designed to grow your glute muscles. You’re really going to feel it in your legs, too! I first did this workout several weeks ago in our hotel gym in Nashville. I was so sore for three days afterwards that I was hobbling around like a Tennessee cowgirl who’s spent too much time on her horse! If you’re really trying to grow your glutes, you should be training them at least twice a week, so use this for one of those training days.

My 4 Favourite Glute Exercises

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If you’re following many fitness social media accounts at the moment, you would know that it’s all about having a round peachy tush!

You have three gluteal muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Apart from looking good, strong, well-developed glutes also help improve posture, relieve lower back, hip and knee pain and enhance your athletic ability (e.g