Tips for The First 8 Weeks with a Newborn

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Here is my “post-birth plan”! I actually wrote this out when preparing for the arrival of my second baby (you can read her birth story here if you like). I had a really challenging time with my first baby so was at times dreading going through the newborn phase again. As much as I wanted to enjoy my beautiful baby I felt overwhelmed, anxious and incredibly sleep deprived. She just cried all the time and I felt helpless with no idea how to help her. The following tips helped make my newborn experience so much more enjoyable the

Does Breastfeeding Help with Weight Loss?

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does-breastfeeding-help-with-weight-lossYou may have heard from midwifes or other Mums ‘oh you’re breastfeeding, the baby weight will come off in no time!’ So is it true that breastfeeding causes weight loss? Well yes and no. The answer is very similar to the answer to the question ‘does exercise help with weight loss?’

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