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So, what’s this blog all about and how is it different to other health and fitness websites?

Well, I started this site and community because I noticed there was a gap for information on how to live a lifestyle that is in between being a hardcore ‘fitness chick’ who practically lives in the gym, and a ‘wellness warrior’ who is thriving on the inside but doesn’t have that athletic, lean appearance on the outside.

I don’t want to be a gym junkie obsessed with being shredded at all costs, not when I have to sacrifice living a healthy and fulfilling life where I can be in a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being. I want the benefits of being optimally well: good hormonal health, good mental health, the ability to conceive and grow a healthy baby someday, abundant energy, to rarely get sick, and to drastically reduce my risk for getting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia and osteoporosis. But (dare I say it!) I’d also like to look good!

If you want to have a lean body and be optimally well, this is the place for you! This site is all about helping you find that balance and achieve both.

What I write about:

Eating Well: Gluten-free Recipes and Nutrition.
Moving Well: Fitness and Workouts.
Living Well: Health, Lifestyle and Travel.

Recommended Resources:

This is my favourite website for delicious AND healthy recipes. If I could have cooking lessons from anyone, it would be Teresa Cutter.

I love her holistic health approach and nutrition philosophy, which is very similar to mine.

Great information and great recipes. An awesome site. My favourite of her recipes is the Raw Tahini and Coconut Protein Bites.

Oh my gosh. I love this lady! She is a smart cookie and has some very interesting things to say about health and wellbeing.

An amazing exercise library resource. If you’re trying one of my free workouts and you don’t know how to do one of the exercises, look it up here.

Bret is a strength and conditioning coach best known in the fitness industry as ‘The Glute Guy’. His website is a great resource for fitness information. He writes in an easy to understand way, about lots of practical resistance training topics.

The Merry Maker Sisters are two sisters who create paleo recipes. I love all their recipes, they are absolutely delicious and nutrient-packed.