Lean & Well is a 12 week fitness and wellness program to help women reach a lean body as well as optimal health.

As an exercise scientist and female specialist personal trainer, I am passionate about helping women achieve optimum health and a lean body. I love to help women become confident in their bodies and to teach them how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Make sure you use the hashtag #leanandwell for any posts you share on instagram showing your progress or experience of the program so I can see!

Holly xx

The program consists of five stunningly designed documents full of information, inspirational quotes and beautiful images:

  • A clear overview of the program to get you started.

  • Goal setting information and guidance.

  • Progress measurement information and a chart to fill in each week.

  • 12 beautiful weekly planners so you can be organised and reminded of all your goals for the week ahead.

  • The digital version of the planner is customisable so you can save time each week by having regular meals permanently filled in, whether it’s ‘Date Night’ or ‘Pancake Sunday’.

  • In-depth nutrition guidelines for achieving health and aesthetic goals. Topics covered include what to eat and how much to eat depending on your goals, how to optimise gut health, pre-workout nutrition, best meal frequency for fat loss and which supplements to take.

  • 28 quick and easy recipes with calorie and macronutrient information (including some with time-saving thermomix options).

  • 12 customisable sample meal plans which include daily calories and macros.

  • The option of using intuitive eating or flexible dieting to reach your goals.

  • A 12 week training program incorporating 4 workouts each week, each under 45 minutes. The workouts require access to a gym or the following equipment at home: barbell with adjustable plates, dumbbells, medicine ball and fit ball.

  • Exercise education section which covers the benefits of exercise, physical activity recommendations and menstrual cycle adjustments.

  • Each warm up, workout and cool down includes demonstration images.

  • Each workout includes a detailed warm up specific to the movements in the workout to follow. The warm ups involve foam rolling, dynamic stretching, mobility and glute activation exercises.

  • Full exercise glossary featuring descriptions and pictures for 95 exercises.

  • Education and application tips for 12 healthy lifestyle behaviour and mindset topics.

  • 12 downloadable mantra screen savers for your phone or tablet.

Get started today with the program’s convenient instant digital download:

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