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I apologise for being very late with my New Year’s Resolution post! My excuse is I’ve been on a snowboarding trip with my hubby in Europe. The good thing about that in terms of my New Year’s resolutions, however, is that I’ve had a lot of time to think about them. So, here they are. You’ll notice I have a plan after each resolution. I really see a New Year’s resolution as a long term goal, and as with goals it’s really just a wish unless you set some steps of action in place.

New Year’s Resolution 1
To continue to look for ways to make improvements to my healthy lifestyle. At the moment, this is what my healthy lifestyle involves. It’s working pretty well for me, but there’s always room for improvement, I say. You can never be too healthy, have too much energy or have skin that glows too much right?
My Plan
Continue to read new health and fitness books, blogs and scientific journals and to listen to podcasts such as ‘The Wellness Guys’ and ‘100 Not Out’.

New Year’s Resolution 2
Have one social media free day a week. I think ‘switching off’ as Jessica Sepel calls it is so refreshing and helps to get you away from a place of comparisons, missing out on ‘living in the moment’, worry and over stimulation.
My Plan
I have been trying to do this for a while but always forget. Or lack the discipline. So I am going to start doing it on a regular day, always Sunday, to create an ingrained healthy habit.

New Year’s Resolution 3
Become more selfless in my marriage. It’s so natural to be selfish with your thoughts and actions and I want to change this because my husband deserves the best!
My Plan
Do one unexpected act of service for him every day. For example, making homemade muesli bars for his lunch box (he’s a teacher) or putting his laundry away for him.

New Year’s Resolution 4
To inspire and help more people to live a healthier, fitter lifestyle and to look and feel wonderful. This is still one of the things I am most passionate about in life.
My Plan
Publish one blog a week. Do my best at spreading this message to young people through my day job (I’m a relief Health and Phys. Ed. teacher).

That’s it! Plenty to work on to help me live life to the full.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you identify some strategies and steps you can take with your New Year’s resolutions so they actually happen. Also, I recommend you write them down and look at them regularly to remind you of them. I write them in the notes section of my phone and look at them when I have a few minutes spare in my day.

Keep aiming high and striving for a healthier happier life! If you have any thoughts or feedback please leave a comment below.

Holly x