I have recently returned from an amazing three week holiday in Switzerland and France. As always, during a holiday I enjoy a few more less-beneficial foods than normal (think chips, ice cream, chocolate and pastries!) so, of course this causes fat gain. I never feel regretful or upset because I know as soon as I get back to my normal healthy lifestyle, the ‘holiday fluff’ will disappear. I always come home super-motivated to prepare foods that will make me look and feel amazing, as well as get into a new training program. I thought I would share my nutrition and exercise program with you in case you would like to do it with me. I will be completing this over the next four weeks. This program is designed to improve your general health, increase your fitness, tone up, lose fat and get stronger. Being ‘toned’ means you have muscle with a low amount of body fat covering it. Obviously this program is not individualised to you, so if you have any injuries or conditions it may not be suitable. If you have any questions please comment below – I would love to help you!

Nutrition Plan

I will go back to eating the way I find to be the most beneficial and sustainable for me, that is, eating nutritious unprocessed real food 90% of the time and eating a normal-size portion of not so beneficial foods 10% of the time. I say normal size because it’s not a binge. It could be a steak and chips at a restaurant or a slice of gluten free cake from a cafe. In practical terms, 10% of my food intake equates to one meal every second day (because I eat 10 meals over two days). If you want to know more about my eating approach, have a read of my health philosophy. To be able to adhere to this way of eating, I personally find it essential to make up a meal plan. This way, I have a plan and I’m prepared with all the necessary food in my fridge. Otherwise, if I just make a decision about what to eat on the spot, there’s a chance I’ll not choose a nutritious real-food option. This could be because I’m feeling emotional, tired or extremely hungry. A meal plan is one of the ways I can consistently eat well 90% of the time. For more tips and strategies on consistently eating healthy, have a read of this blog. The meal plan I will be using for the first week is my Sugar Free Meal Plan.

Training Plan

Monday: Resistance training upper body

Rest 60 seconds between sets and exercises.

Chin ups – narrow underarm grip 3 x 12
Kneeling 1 arm cable row 3 x 12
Bench press 3 x 12
DB bicep curl 3 x 12
Cable rope tricep push down 3 x 12
DB lateral raises 3 x 12

Tuesday: HIIT workout 15 minutes

30 second sprint (on the beach, a bike, the cross trainer etc.) /30 second rest. Repeat 15 times in total.

Wednesday: Resistance training lower body

Rest 60 seconds between sets and exercises.

BB sumo squat 3 x 12
BB dead lift 3 x 12
Hack squat – slow, feet narrow, pause at bottom 3 x 12
Alternating lunges – small step 3 x 12 (each leg)
45° back extension 3 x 12

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Weight training full body circuit

10 reps of each exercise.
No rest in between each exercise.
Repeat each circuit 4x, with a 1 minute rest in between each round.

Circuit 1:
1 arm DB bent-over row
Bulgarian split squat
Standing DB shoulder press
Weighted bridge

Circuit 2:
Lat pull down
BB sumo deadlift
Push up
BB front squat

Saturday: HIIT workout 16 – 20 minutes

Tabata workout: 20 seconds work/ 10 seconds rest x8, this makes up one round. Do 4-5 rounds. For each round do a different exercise at high intensity.

Here are some examples: sprints, burpees, jump squats, clean and press, dead lifts, weighted squats, box jumps, skipping, lunge jumps, prowler, boxing, kettle bell swings, lunge walk.

Sunday: Rest

In addition to these five weekly workouts, I will also be aiming to do incidental exercise each day such as walking my dog, gardening, cleaning and shopping. Our bodies were not designed for excessive sitting, so try to replace some of your sitting time with activities such as these. Incidental exercise plays a huge role in your health and weight loss. It’s not all about that one hour you spend in the gym!

All the best this week as you aim to eat well, move well and live well!

Holly x