Female Full Body Weight Training Program

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This is a program for females aiming to get strong and toned in a short amount of time. It is a basic weight training program consisting of three 45 minute workouts a week. You should do this program for approximately four weeks aiming to apply the principle of progressive overload. This means each week when you do the workouts aim to do a little more than the week before e.g. increase your weights, or do an extra rep. This is the program I made up for myself to do over the last few weeks. I am currently four month

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Beginner Home Workout

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Something I get asked all the time is for a home workout suitable for beginners. This full body workout is super basic and very suitable for total exercise newbies. You don’t even need any equipment – just two cans from your kitchen cupboard. If you would like to make the workout a little more challenging you can progress to dumbbells which you can pick up from Kmart for very little. You can find a demonstration of the workout on my YouTube channel:

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Second Trimester Exercise Program #2

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Second Trimester Exercise Program-2


I have been enjoying being able to exercise regularly throughout my second trimester. It has really made a difference in stabilising my mood, keeping my energy levels up, keeping me healthy and preventing excessive weight gain. Currently, my workout routine is this:

  • Monday – Yoga
  • Tuesday – Full Body Circuit
  • Wednesday – 30 minute walk
  • Thursday – Weights and HIIT
  • Friday – Weights and HIIT
  • Saturday – 30  minute walk
  • Sunday – 30 minute walk

If you would like to download and print a copy of my workouts you can do so by clicking here:

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Second Trimester Exercise Program #1

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Second Trimester Pregnancy Exercise Program

I thought I would share with you all the exercise program I am about to start. I will be fifteen weeks pregnant on Monday when I begin, and I will complete it for four to five weeks. My fitness had dropped quite a lot over the course of the first trimester. Finding time to train when I wasn’t at work, exhausted or feeling nauseous or headachey was hard! Anyway, I am now loving being able to exercise more often each week. I really find healthy eating and regular exercise makes a massive difference

Glute Hypertrophy Workout

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Glute Hypertrophy Workout


Here’s one of my latest workouts, designed to grow your glute muscles. You’re really going to feel it in your legs, too! I first did this workout several weeks ago in our hotel gym in Nashville. I was so sore for three days afterwards that I was hobbling around like a Tennessee cowgirl who’s spent too much time on her horse! If you’re really trying to grow your glutes, you should be training them at least twice a week, so use this for one of those training days.

Post-Holiday Tone Up Program

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I have recently returned from an amazing three week holiday in Switzerland and France. As always, during a holiday I enjoy a few more less-beneficial foods than normal (think chips, ice cream, chocolate and pastries!) so, of course this causes fat gain. I never feel regretful or upset because I know as soon as I get back to my normal healthy

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Park Workout (no equipment needed!)

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This is a great little workout to do when it’s a beautiful day and you don’t want to be indoors! Or, as in these photos, maybe you’re on holidays so you don’t have access to your usual gym. Make sure you do a little warm up before you get into it. The workout is a mixture of body weight resistance training and high-intensity interval

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Resistance Training Workout – Sport Specific Circuit for Snowboarding

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In Whistler, Canada, my favourite snowboard location so far. In Whistler, Canada, my favourite snowboard location so far.

I love doing outdoor activities. Being outdoors in nature has always made me happy and feel most like myself. One activity I enjoy doing outdoors is snowboarding. There’s something magical and peaceful about being in the massive isolated mountains. Snowboarding is also possibly my husband’s biggest

Resistance Training Workout – Total Body Beginner Circuit

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This is a great workout for a beginner, or for someone who is experienced but has perhaps had some time off from exercise and is wanting to get back into training (that’s me after pretty much every holiday!) Choose relatively light weights because you are doing the exercise for a whole minute. As well as engaging and overloading most of the muscles in your body, you will also get a cardiovascular workout from these circuits.

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HIIT Workout – Total Body Tabata Workout

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This workout involves alternating a cardiovascular exercise with a resistance training exercise. It delivers a lot of benefits in a short amount of time – a high calorie burn, improving your fitness and improving your muscle strength and tone. Tabata training is a type of interval training where you exercise for twenty seconds and then rest for ten. You repeat this eight times, which will take you 4 minutes. This is one round of Tabata; however, in the workout below you are alternating two exercises in each round of Tabata, rather than just the one exercise 8 times.

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