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For today’s post we are privileged to have Chelsey from Chelsey Rose Health share with us about the importance and power of having a positive mindset.

I’m Chelsey :) I’m an avid reader, writer, blogger, dreamer and adventurer. I’m 24 years young in California. Lover of double shot cappuccinos & the beach. I’m way too interested in space, probably too optimistic and probably just like you. Riding the waves of life in my twenties, dealing with jobs, relationships, and emotions while trying to juggle a healthy and fit lifestyle without losing my social life!

Chelsey Rose

Reset. Restart. Refresh. Be on top again. Feel Organized. Feel accomplished. Feel proud. Be happy. Feel confident. Love yourself. Be positive.

Feeling lost + feeling like a failure + feeling like your entire life is out of control is a recipe for depression. It’ll make you not even want to try, or think. It will make you focus on everything else that could possibly be negative in your life. It will lower your confidence while raising your insecurities and make you like you’re being attacked.

It will be impossible for you to even hear or believe all the positive comments towards you because the negative thoughts you are telling yourself over and over are so much louder.

Something I really want to talk about today is your mind set, and how powerful it really is. When you allow yourself to slip into a negative mind set you basically torture yourself.  We’ve all been there. For example, I have a wonderful outlook on life, I’m very optimistic and I think there is always hope MOST OF THE TIME, but I have definitely gone through some times where I don’t feel so happy or really see a way up our out. Everyone around me tells me I’m doing great but sometimes I just don’t feel it.

WE’RE HUMAN! We’re bound to feel every emotion on the spectrum but, we’re also powerful, and the power of our minds is an incredible thing.

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You have to start to tell yourself that everything is good, God has your back, and everything is going to get better so long as you believe it will.

If you tell yourself, “I look good!”, “I’m beautiful!” “I may not look the way I want to right now but I am in control so I will change quickly :) ” … you will start to clear the cloud that you put above yourself.

If you tell yourself “I suck”, “I’m disgusting”, “I can’t do it”, etc, then you will be that and you WONT be able to accomplish what you desire because you have already told yourself that you can’t.

We all go through hard times, it’s normal. Some times are worse than others, but the worst thing you can do is just sit in those sad emotions and let them control you. WE HAVE GOD PEOPLE!! Talk to Him! Open up to Him! Tell Him what you’re feeling and what you want. Ask to be healed and ask for a positive, productive mind!

I’m sure you’re a joy to be around! Let that happiness rub off you and on to someone around you rather than having your negativity rub off and push people away.

Laughter is contagious for a reason. We are made to be happy and joyful! Think about all the reasons you have to be happy and allow your mood to change. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish and start working on them.

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Have a good day! :)