Week 5 Diary Entry

Firstly, sorry there was no blog post for week 4 – I was extremely busy last weekend!

So here is how week 5 went.

Training – This was the first week of the new training program ‘phase 2’. It was a lot harder than phase 1 and I was really sore! The sessions take a little longer and have more packed in to them so I was only able to do the three strength workouts and not the HIIT workout as well (previously I had been squishing all the exercises from the 4 workouts into 3 workouts). I really wish Tess was sleeping through the night so I could get up at 6am an extra morning to fit in the 4th workout but that’s just not happening right now. I do know I can still get fantastic results with 3 good quality weights workout where I really push myself, and staying on track with my nutrition. So I just need to focus on those things which are within my control and not focus on what is not within my control. Accepting that I have to do what is realistic rather than optimum is essential to keeping feelings of frustration away.

Nutrition – I was still pretty compliant with my nutrition this week. I tracked most days and the days I didn’t have time to track I tried to just eat the same foods I had been eating on the days I had been tracking.

Results – my weight went up by 100g which is pretty insignificant. I will however keep my calories the same next week rather than increasing them to allow my metabolism to adjust and not put on any extra weight. It’s key to increase your calories very slowly when reverse dieting so your body slowly has time to adapt to the extra calories.

Next week – I’m aiming to get in 3 great workouts, eat 2350 calories and hit 130g protein every day. The well-being focus for the week in Live Well is building habits and the one I’m trying to build back into my routine is starting every day with drinking a full glass of water to combat the dehydration that occurs overnight.

I can’t believe I am now half way to the end of my challenge and my photo shoot! I bought my outfit for it on the weekend so that has sparked my motivation levels.

Progress Measurements & Photos

My Fitness Pal Food Diary For Next Week

This is my food I intend to eat today. I have hit my protein goal for the day but not my calorie goal yet. I will probably add in an extra hot drink or piece of fruit throughout the day which will fix this. For afternoon tea you will see I am trying a new overnight oats combo. I absolutely love the salted caramel flavour of Happy Way protein powder – it taste so sweet and indulgent! When making up overnight oats I always make up 4 at a time as I find this is more time efficient than making up just one every night.

If you are doing L & W at the moment with me you may find your motivation and commitment is dropping slightly now by week 6. This is very normal and is human nature. We naturally have lots of enthusiasm when starting something and it’s hard to sustain it. I encourage you to rely on habits, consistency and discipline. I believe the difference between people who are successful and people why aren’t is that the successful people have those traits.

Let’s finish strong with no regrets!

Holly xx