zoedaly beach yoga

I have observed there are generally two different lifestyle groups amongst females at the moment. There are ‘Wellness Warriors’ and there are ‘Gym Junkies’. I understand that I am stereotyping a bit. Most people are more along a spectrum of these two extremes, but there are definitely some at either end.

The Wellness Warriors are passionate about being as healthy as possible, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. They won’t put anything in or on their body that will affect it negatively. They are fans of yoga, self-love, juicing, raw treats. They don’t count calories just nutrients. A conversation amongst Wellness Warriors may include topics such as gut health, essential oils and favourite bone broth recipes.

Then there are the Gym Junkies. They are focused, determined and committed to their workouts and their diet. They aspire to look like fitness models and have pictures of them on their fridge to inspire them. Foods are chosen by how they will affect their physique. A conversation amongst fitness bunnies may feature the topics of their current training splits, favourite pre-workout supplements and what their current macros are.

I’m a little different in that I’m a mixture of these two lifestyles. I want the best of both lifestyles. I want that feeling of being fit, strong and confident with a lean, toned, athletic physique, but not at the expense of doing anything that would jeopardise my health. I don’t want to sacrifice energy, clear skin, my positive, calm, happy disposition. I don’t want to cause metabolic damage or make my body more susceptible to cancer and other diseases.

My lifelong health and fitness goal is to be glowing with health, buzzing with energy whilst still enjoying a bikini body. I want it all! If you want this too, please sign up to follow my blog. As I continue to discover how to have this balanced approach, I would love to share tips and my experiences with you.

Holly x