In Whistler, Canada, my favourite snowboard location so far.

In Whistler, Canada, my favourite snowboard location so far.

I love doing outdoor activities. Being outdoors in nature has always made me happy and feel most like myself. One activity I enjoy doing outdoors is snowboarding. There’s something magical and peaceful about being in the massive isolated mountains. Snowboarding is also possibly my husband’s biggest love (apart from me and his family, of course!) so I get to go at least once a year!

I do find snowboarding for seven hours straight (for usually 5-7 days in a row) pretty exhausting, especially in my legs and core from boarding, and my triceps and shoulders from pushing myself up into a standing position. So, in the weeks leading up to a snowboard trip, I like to design my workouts specifically for snowboarding so I am as fit and ready as I can be to hit the slopes. This is a circuit I have been doing twice a week to prepare myself for my next snowboard adventure – the Swiss and French Alps!

Snowboard Circuit:

12 plank to pushups
10 heels elevated DB 1 and 1/2 squats (really hits your quads!)
12 bench dips (slow down, quick up to mimic pushing yourself up off the ground)
30 second wall sit with medicine ball (better to feel the burn now rather than when you’re going down a sweet trail)
12 push ups
12 DB sumo straight leg deadlift

2 minutes rest.

Complete 4x in total.