Do you ever get to that point where you’re feeling run down, stressed and tired? Your motivation and energy levels are not where they usually are. You’ve lost your usual zest for life and spring in your step. Instead of bouncing out of bed, you slowly wobble out thinking how stiff and sore everything feels. You’ve been permanently tired for days and even coffee barely makes a difference. Mentally, you’re not as happy, optimistic, understanding and patient as usual.

You need to schedule in a rest and refresh day!

When I start to feel like this – it often happens about every 1-2 months! – I realise my body is crying out for some TLC. Pick a day in your diary where you have nothing booked in and pen in this blissful, nourishing, beautiful day.

These are my guidelines for a rest and refresh day:

· No caffeine.
Instead of masking your tiredness, listen to your body. If you’re tired, nap and take it easy! Enjoy feeling calm and relaxed rather than having your heart and brain working at a million miles an hour.

· A massage.
Massages are not only great for evoking feelings of happiness and calmness (like I needed to tell you that!) They break up scar tissue from workouts, reducing stiffness and helping to speed up recovery in your body from your workouts.

· A beach walk and swim.
This is a lovely, gentle form of exercise to warm up your body, reduce stiffness and muscular aches and boost your mood. Being in the ocean has a wonderful way of making you feel alive, refreshed and changing your perspective. I love this quote by Wyland: ‘The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.’

· A nap.
If you feel like it, have a nap! This day is all about doing what you feel like when you feel like it!

· Watch a movie or read a book.
There’s something refreshing about escaping all the thoughts in your head and being taken away somewhere else for a few hours.

· Fuel your body with highly nutritious and nourishing food.
Remember food has so much affect on how you feel and how your body will function. Treat your body to a whole day of homemade fresh food. Think salads, smoothies, seafood, soups and fruit.

· No makeup.
Allow your skin to breathe and to take a break from dealing with the extra chemicals and substances entering the body.

You may like to tweak this list so it includes things you enjoy doing and feel your body needs. Please don’t feel guilty looking after yourself. Stress is the primary risk factor for many nasty things such as heart disease, insomnia and infertility. Even though you can’t see it and it is hard to quantify and measure, it is not something to overlook. I sincerely hope after a rest and refresh day you’ll feel a renewed sense of energy, motivation and peace for your workouts and life in general.

Please let me know how your day of bliss goes and how you feel afterwards!

Holly x