This is a great little workout to do when it’s a beautiful day and you don’t want to be indoors! Or, as in these photos, maybe you’re on holidays so you don’t have access to your usual gym. Make sure you do a little warm up before you get into it. The workout is a mixture of body weight resistance training and high-intensity interval training. Enjoy!


Total time: 20 minutes

For each exercise in the circuit below, complete it for 30 seconds, then have a 30 second break before moving on to the next exercise.


Double lunge walk (step forward, bend down, up, then down again before stepping forward)

Plank to push up

Bridging (push through your heels)

Squats (slow and deep)

Repeat 4 times.


One round Tabata sprints to finish. Tabata is a type of interval training where you work for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds. You complete this 8 times in total which will take you 4 minutes.


Have a nice stretch when finished. Well done!

Holly x