Is social media causing you to lose your uniqueness?

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Be who you were created to be quote

We all know we have to be careful of social media causing us to compare ourselves with others. It can cause discontent with our life and that feeling of not being ‘good enough’ when we compare our life to everyone else’s highlight reel. Recently, however, I’ve been thinking that social media may be influencing us in the fitness industry in a different way. I think social media trends and popular views have a habit of becoming your own. We can adopt the goals and beliefs of

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My Top 23 Favourite Workout Songs

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favourite country workout songs Good tunes make a huge difference to my motivation, mood and energy when working out.

This list may be a little different to most people’s. It consists mainly of country music! Not everyone likes to workout to doof-doof dance music. I love the way country music makes me feel: happy, optimistic and excited for life! I hope you enjoy these feel-good, uplifting tunes. If you used to go to my freestyle spin classes you may recognise a lot of these :). These songs are in no particular

Park Workout (no equipment needed!)

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This is a great little workout to do when it’s a beautiful day and you don’t want to be indoors! Or, as in these photos, maybe you’re on holidays so you don’t have access to your usual gym. Make sure you do a little warm up before you get into it. The workout is a mixture of body weight resistance training and high-intensity interval

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Resistance Training Workout – Total Body Beginner Circuit

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This is a great workout for a beginner, or for someone who is experienced but has perhaps had some time off from exercise and is wanting to get back into training (that’s me after pretty much every holiday!) Choose relatively light weights because you are doing the exercise for a whole minute. As well as engaging and overloading most of the muscles in your body, you will also get a cardiovascular workout from these circuits.

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HIIT Workout – Total Body Tabata Workout

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This workout involves alternating a cardiovascular exercise with a resistance training exercise. It delivers a lot of benefits in a short amount of time – a high calorie burn, improving your fitness and improving your muscle strength and tone. Tabata training is a type of interval training where you exercise for twenty seconds and then rest for ten. You repeat this eight times, which will take you 4 minutes. This is one round of Tabata; however, in the workout below you are alternating two exercises in each round of Tabata, rather than just the one exercise 8 times.

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HIIT Workout – Total Body Circuit

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I am going to start posting my HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) workouts. I do about two a week and I thought it would be good to post them on here, so that:

a) Other people (you, my blog followers!) can give them a go, and

b) I will have them all recorded in one spot so I can look back on them when needing some workout ideas!

Give the following circuit a go. I can guarantee it will get your heart rate up and work your whole body.

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