I love chocolate! It’s definitely my favourite sweet food, so I’ve tried a lot of different chocolate cake recipes!  Here are my favourite three. Enjoy!

  1. Mr I’s “Far Too Easy” Chocolate Cake.

What I like about it? It tastes amazing and is so easy! I can’t imagine how it could be any easier or quicker to make a cake from scratch. I always serve it without icing, but with cashew cream (see the link on the recipe page).


2. Paleo Chocolate Cake

What I like about it? Although it takes a little more work, it tastes delicious. I always double the recipe to make two cakes so I can make a double-layered cake (like the picture below). The chocolate frosting is divine. This cake feels a little fancier so I often make it for a family birthday party. It also has a fairly sweet flavour from the honey, so people who aren’t used to eating ‘healthy’ cake will still love it!


3. Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake

What I like about it? If you’re craving chocolate, you can make this in about three minutes! Plus, it’s portion controlled so you can’t overeat. It’s very healthy and fairly low-calorie too. When I was dieting for my fitness modelling competition (which you can read more about here if you’re interested) I was eating this a couple times a week. I like to top it with warm raspberries or peanut butter.


If you have any amazing cake recipes please share the link with us all below in the comments section!

Happy cake eating!

Holly x