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One of the things I get asked most often by people who are wanting to get a little healthier or lose weight is for snack ideas. Much to my husband’s amusement, I need to snack! He was always a three-large-meals-a-day type of person, so he finds it funny that I have to pack snacks before we go out anywhere, and how I suggest we stop for morning tea whenever we’re out sightseeing. Personally, I find that if I have morning and afternoon tea I can avoid getting to the point where I’m extremely hungry and likely to make poor choices, like fish ‘n’ chips instead of a salad for dinner.

I find it handy to have a list of snack ideas stuck to my fridge. It makes packing my lunch box the night before work easy because I can just choose any two things off the list and throw them together in five minutes. I have the list separated into ‘Transportable Snacks’ and ‘Eat at Home Snacks’. Transportable Snacks are those that are suitable for packing into a cooler bag and eating when you’re out at uni or work. Eat at Home Snacks are best made up at home just before you consume them. Like my main meals, I try to build my snacks around these three components: a protein source, vegetables or fruits (for a dose of antioxidants, fibre and vitamins) and good fats. This isn’t a strict rule and I don’t stress if it doesn’t happen all the time. (Occasionally I’ll have some starchy carbs, too, but these aren’t as important unless it’s pre or post workout.) For more on my food philosophy have a read here.

Transportable Snacks

Eat at Home Snacks

*I think smoothies usually taste nicest when drunk straight away; however, you can put them in a jar with a good lid and shake them up just before drinking and they’re almost as nice.

Happy snacking!

Holly x