Tips for The First 8 Weeks with a Newborn

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Here is my “post-birth plan”! I actually wrote this out when preparing for the arrival of my second baby (you can read her birth story here if you like). I had a really challenging time with my first baby so was at times dreading going through the newborn phase again. As much as I wanted to enjoy my beautiful baby I felt overwhelmed, anxious and incredibly sleep deprived. She just cried all the time and I felt helpless with no idea how to help her. The following tips helped make my newborn experience so much more enjoyable the

Comparison of Natural Baby Wipes

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I have been wanting to do a comparison of the ingredients in the baby wipes marketed as ‘natural’ for a while now.  When buying wipes I have usually always gone for the brand ‘Water Wipes’ because they have the shortest ingredient list. This is usually a good sign when trying to choose the least toxic products. However they are also the most expensive so I wanted to check if the other natural baby wipes with longer ingredient lists actually contained anything bad. I chose the four most common brands of natural baby wipes found in Australian supermarkets. None of

5 Uses of Essential Oils for a Newborn

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This blog is by guest writer Jenn Finnon.

I have a confession to make. Before I accidentally discovered dōTERRA (thanks mum!), I had no experience whatsoever of essential oils. In fact, I had never really considered the benefits of using natural methods over the modern approach in order to support myself and my family (confession #2!). Cue a ‘WOW’ moment using essential oils on Miss 3 and I was hooked.

As mums, all we want is to protect our family from getting sick. When I found out I was pregnant again in March 2017, I was relieved to have my knowledge

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Curtin University is looking for parents of children aged 6-12 months

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Australian parents of children aged 6-12 months are being asked to participate in a Curtin University survey into how parents introduce solids to their babies. Click the link below for details:

Seeking Research Participants Information Document

If you are keen to participate please click on this link:

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Practical Tips for Soon-to-be Mums

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This post basically contains everything I would tell myself if I could go back in time to when I was pregnant. With all things baby and parenting we all choose to do things differently due to the way we were brought up, our values and what we prioritise. With this in mind you may not agree with all my tips which is absolutely fine. However I hope some may be useful for soon-to-be mums and you can learn from

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